​ UkraineHilfe Düsseldorf

​ International Alliance for the people of Ukraine

​From the USA and Germany to Ukraine: Direct Aid for Those in Need

​German AVP e.V. and American United Help Ukraine formed a strategic alliance to create UkraineHilfe, a dedicated In-Kind Donation and Raising Awareness Center in the heart of Europe – Düsseldorf – to provide a convenient and trusted way to support the most vulnerable people in war-thorn Ukraine.

If you or your organization would like to donate or learn more about our Joint Humanitarian Mission, please scroll down for more information.

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​​ Who we help

​ Families with kids, seniors, and disabled people in de-ocuppied territories and frontline regions; and internally displaced people in dire need.

​ Our operations

We work with a network of trusted and passionate volunteer groups across Ukraine who work with most vulnerable population. They tell us what‘s needed, we find and send it to them for distribution.

 Our difference

We belive in personal touch and a long term support. Our donors know who receives aid, and people we help know who cares about them.

​ What we value

Empathy, Passion, Transparensy, Accountability, Cooperation, Personal Relations, Feedback

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